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i. Developing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship focused on rural and social enterprises.

ii. Focus on creating sustainable business models by helping create business, supply chain and financial linkages, as well as provide necessary incentives.

iii. Developing human capital, by creating the right environment and support systems for learning, experimentation and innovation from the early phases of education.

iv. Proactively engaging with industry to continuously promote and identify innovation.

v. Promote and encourage women start-ups to strengthen communities and create a more sustainable and inclusive society.


i. To facilitate the growth of Start-ups in the State with an aim to promote 100 Start-ups per District and establish innovative “Made in Nagaland” products and services.

ii. Establish a State of the art Innovation Hub which will serve as a Technology, Cultural and Creative Centre where Design, Technology and Business shall blend to form a thriving Start-up community.

iii. Mobilizing funding for investment in Start-ups through various interventions, including establishing a Fund of Funds.

iv. Inculcate and stimulate a culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship by creating the requisite environment for learning and experimentation during all stages of education.

v. Achieve creation of direct and indirect employment in the private sector.