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Startup Team Members

Directorate of Industries & Commerce
High school road
Nagaland , Kohima

Email : start.nagaland@gmail.com

Startup India Nodal Officer Nagaland : Shri. Kekhrievor Kevichusa, IPoS, Commissioner and Secretary to the Government of Nagaland, Department of Industries and Commerce. +919434600925
Startup Nagaland Team Leader : Smt. Keneirienuo K Theunuo, Assistant Director(Tech), Department of Industries and Commerce. +919856071150, keneiken80 @ gmail.com
Team Member : Shri.Lhoushevikho Lhoushe, Inspector of Industries and Commerce, +918413082454, samlhoushe @ gmail.com
Team Member : Shri. Moanochet Amer, UDA,Directorate of I&C- Startup Cell Account Matters +919856071348
Team Member : Shri. Areninla, LDA,Directorate of I&C- Startup Cell Assistance, +917085421067, arenin.jamir10@gmail.com
Incubation Member : Shri. Lezo Putsure, Director ESB , +919612775573, lputsure@hotmail.com
Incubation Member : Shri. Neikepekho Shosahie, Manger YIC , +918119039063, neikepekho@gmail.com
IT Consultant : Shri. Yanger Lemtur, Director, CoreConxept Services Pvt. Ltd +917982587353, yanger (@) Lemtur.com